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The Mighty Heartache

Latest single - 
Bag o' Troubles

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Bag o' Troubles

If you like your rock'n'roll with the swagger and heart of the 70s, the spirit of the 60’s, a dollop of country and rockabilly, and words to make you think - maybe make you cry - and a beat to get your feet a dancin’, The Mighty Heartache is what you’re looking for. 

Think, Elvis C meets Elvis P with the energy of the Clash, the raunch of The Stones, all mixed up in Nashville and dropped into the heart of the Finchley Delta.

Stage performances have audiences both tearfully engrossed and rockin’n’rollin’, but always leaving uplifted.

We play as the 5-piece shown above, but also in a semi-acoustic Trio format for quieter or more intimate settings.  Same songs, same emotions, less gear!

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